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Ryan’s Regards January 2016

Aqua JourneyThe Passages Earthurn® products encompass the spirit in which you serve; they are a simple reflection of grace and dignity. Stand out and express your message, your brand and your unique style by making the affordable Passages Earthurns® a funeral home staple. Earthurns® are made by hand from the bark of a mulberry tree using ancient techniques that allow the bark to be harvested without destroying the tree. Drawing large appeal, the Earthurns® are available in a variety of textures, colors, sizes and designs.

Journey® Earthurns are intended for water burials, as they are designed to float briefly before gracefully sinking into the sea. Our Reflect® Earthurn is my favorite; the simple urn comes in a silk bag and includes a picture frame. Perhaps our most popular Earthurn is the heart shaped Unity®. We have expanded the Unity’s vast appeal to include mini sizes, medium sizes, oversized and our new ‘companion’ design. The Unity and the Simplicity® Earthurn are available in both floral and wood-grain designs, which I believe enhances the Earthurns’ broad appeal.

Many of your favorite Earthurns® will now be available as an ‘Economy’ option.

All the Earthurns® look “extra” awesome engraved! Funeral directors should see the Earthurn® as a blank canvas for engraving names, personal messages, poetry, military affiliations – the possibilities are endless. Be creative and please offer our engraving service to your families.

Thank you for your business, kindness, ideas and inspiration. I look forward to helping you soon.

Best Regards,