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Ryan’s Regards February 2016

Himalayan Salt UrnsLet Passages help you increase your urn sales. Our popular biodegradable urns are available in an array of different styles and sizes to help you create custom, personal arrangements. Many families are choosing to divide remains, allowing you to sell more than one urn per family. By offering to split up the remains into an assortment of urns, you are giving your families the personalized service and attention they deserve.

Our stunning Himalayan Rock Salt Urn is now available in 4 sizes! The salt urn is my favorite; it is 100% from the earth and each is carefully inspected for any imperfections. Those that pass our rigorous standards are then sanded and lightly oiled to enhance the natural shine of the salt crystals.

Given the nature of the product, some salt urns do not make our final cut. The good news is that we offer these to you at a significant discount. The imperfections are minor, would not be noticed by families and do not compromise the integrity of the urn.¬†If you’re in a market with price conscious families, this is a great product to offer at an affordable price. Perhaps because I am not perfect, I like the imperfect variety.

If you learn from a family that they might be interested in scattering only a portion of the remains, we now have two additional sizes available Рthe medium and the keepsake (sold in sets of six). This provides you with more options for families interested in splitting the remains. Why not offer a keepsake salt urn to a family with a connection with the ocean or, perhaps, a passion for cooking?

Our goal is to provide you with the largest variety of innovative, eco-friendly products to impress the important families you serve. Your business and satisfaction is everything to us, thank you and keep in touch.

Best Regards,