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Marketing Display 2 Man Fishing Poster Sunset Horizon Poster Mountain View Poster Zen Orchid Poster Natural Choice Sign

Marketing Displays

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12" x 9": $ 28 each
24" x 18": $ 42 each

The Natural Choice Sign

20" x 4.5": $ 35 each

48" x 9": $ 52 each

Passages has produced several mounted posters and a sign that can be displayed along with a comprehensive selection of our products to create an attractive display. Each poster features the phrase “Celebrate Life Naturally” and the sign says The Natural Choiceâ„¢. When a display is created using this signage and a poster, it is quickly clear to a family entering a product selection room that the products are more natural and eco-friendly than traditional funeral merchandise. The display, along with our printed catalogs, effectively communicates to families without funeral home staff having to verbally explain very much. Each sign and poster is available in two sizes, and each is mounted on a durable poster board.