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What is a green funeral?

green-cemeteryEach family’s idea of what they feel is natural or “green” is unique. Our products let you offer them personalization, flexibility and innovative choices. Passages provides you with ways to meet the demand of the rapidly growing percentage of families who desire a more eco-friendly funeral. In an AARP survey taken in 2007, 21% of Americans over the age of 50 were found to want an eco-friendly end-of-life ritual. There are currently over 100 designated “green” cemeteries in the US, while a decade ago there were 4. Now, more than ever, the number of families who identify in some way with greener lifestyles are looking to reflect their concern for the environment through the memorialization of their loved ones’ life. Funeral and memorial products constructed from natural and biodegradable materials help them share their philosophy in a meaningful way.

Some families might desire a traditional burial, yet want to use a biodegradable casket made of woven willow. Others might want to use a biodegradable urn for earth or water burial of cremains.

There are many ways you can assist families in creating their funeral service using one or more Passages products. Urns, caskets, and memorial products are available in a variety of natural materials, colors and styles. Many can be customized and personalized.

Connecting to and Educating Families

Passages also sponsors, a website which provides information and education about alternative forms of disposition and greener funeral products for families. The site helps connect our Providers – funeral homes who are prepared to serve families who desire a greener funeral – with those customers.

Find out how you can become A Greener Funeral Provider, be listed in the searchable database, and connect with this growing market segment. More Info»

Urn Display WallMarketing Displays

In addition to offering these products, we can assist you with marketing ideas and materials. Marketing displays let you group all of your Passages eco-friendly offerings in one place, allowing families who care about natural choices to easily make their selections. We offer a variety of display options, each compact and attractive. In addition, we have printed product catalogs and information guides on greener funerals that you can share with your families. More Info»