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Passages International Introduces a Viewing Lid for its Eco-Friendly, Woven Caskets

Willow casket with lidThe Passages® Collection of Eco-Friendly Caskets is hand crafted by skilled weavers. Each one comes with a full lid that fits tightly over the casket and is secured into place with toggle closures. A viewing lid is now available for the Willow and Seagrass adult caskets. It covers ¾ of the body, from the foot to the chest, thereby allowing for a dignified viewing of the loved one from the chest to the head. After the visitation or viewing simply replace the viewing lid with the full lid prior to burial or cremation. The viewing lid stores easily for future usage. Individual viewing lids are available for each of the 5’9” (20” interior width at the shoulder) and 6’5” (24” interior width at the shoulder) Willow and Seagrass caskets.

The newer Willow and Seagrass caskets feature an improved weave, a fully-lined and leak-resistant natural cotton interior, an industry first “privacy shield” made from the same unbleached cotton material, a durable strawboard base, improved flax rope handles that are continuously woven under the strawboard base from one side to the other, a firm pillow to lift and rest the head, and an improved lid-securing system using toggles and flax rope.

“Passages continually innovates new products and improves on existing ones in order to remain the industry leader of environmentally-friendly and green funeral products,” says Passages’ President, Darren Crouch. “By listening to suggestions of our customers who work with families every day, we can make the necessary improvements to help exceed families’ expectations. As the desire for greener funeral options is rapidly growing, it is a priority for us to help funeral businesses provide efficient and functional alternatives to their communities,” Crouch continues. “We are committed to helping our customers remain cutting-edge in terms of offering eco-friendly solutions.”

All of Passages’ caskets are produced from fast-growing plants that are easy to harvest and require no fertilizer. Some of the plants replenish fertility in depleted soils and act as soil stabilizers to combat both river and coastal erosion. The seagrass is cultivated by local farmers in paddy fields similar to those in which rice is grown. These caskets contain no metal or plastic components.

Jewish and Muslim faiths show a tendency toward the woven caskets. Many families choosing these caskets are looking for alternatives to traditional styles, and until recently have had few options. Now there is an opportunity to turn a direct service into one that better suits the family and contributes to a more profitable business.

Since 1999, Passages International, Inc. leads the funeral industry with the largest selection of innovative and environmentally-friendly urns, caskets and memorial products.

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