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UPS Shipping Rate Increase

Place your order before the shipping prices increase and order by the case whenever you can.

Effective December 29th, 2014 UPS will be increasing its shipping rates by an average of 4.9%. There are significant volume incentives built into our pricing – the more you buy the more you save. Given this incentive and the coming shipping increases, we recommend you take advantage of our volume discounts.

urn-6pkHere’s an example: The cost to ship just one of our Journey Earthurns is approximately $15 for standard ground shipping. However, when you order six Journey Earthurns, the price per urn is noticeably discounted and the shipping remains approximately $15. That results in a huge savings per urn!

Many of our products have “mix and match” designs or colors so you can stock up and provide your families with more choices. In situations where you find yourself out of stock and have to express ship an order, the shipping rates can be quite costly. If you’d like to stock a larger assortment of our products, please contact our office so we can personally help you select a variety of items with the best chances of selling. This will reduce your costs and stress levels by having product in-hand for at-need families!