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Passages Teams Up with UPS to offer Carbon Neutral Shipping

As the industry leader in green funeral products, Passages International, Inc. continually searches for the newest, environmentally-friendly options; and is committed to making these options available to customers. That is why Passages is proud to announce that they have teamed-up with UPS to send every package UPS Carbon Neutral.

UPS Carbon Neutral is a new UPS program in which Passages contributes to UPS’s purchase of certified carbon (CO2) offsets. These offsets balance out the emissions produced by the transportation of our customers’ shipments. The Carbon Neutral program supports projects that include reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and methane destruction.

Passages pays a flat rate per shipment (depending on the level of service) to send each package using the Carbon Neutral shipping option. This partnership with UPS allows Passages to demonstrate its commitment to reducing the potential climatic impact of shipping. By simply offering Passages’ products, the funeral home is able to share in that commitment. Your families will be even more pleased to know that their green product was sent using the most environmentally-friendly method commercially available.