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New California law requires biodegradable urn for water burial of cremains

salt urn

The burial of cremated remains in water has become extremely popular! 

Did you know that on June 25, 2012 California passed Bill AB1777 which requires any urn containing cremated remains that is placed into the ocean, must biodegrade within 4 hours? Passages’ quick-dissolving urn made from Himalayan Rock Salt is perfect for this and will keep you in compliance with the new law. The Sand & Gelatin Collection of urns also biodegrade quickly making them another ideal alternative. 

Passages never recommends placing any urn into the water from a beach or pier, and believes one must always comply with federal and local regulations before having a ceremony at sea. Current federal regulations state that a cremation urn should not be placed into water within three nautical miles of shore. Most likely, a portion of your cremation families are traveling to favored bodies of water to bury a loved one.

Passages also offers the award-winning Memento Urn and the Shell Urns which are both suitable for burial of cremated remains in deep water. Click on the photo to the right to see an informative video of how the Shell Urns are used and function.

For those families who opt to scatter the traditional way, where the remains are poured from the urn, Passages offers the popular and easy-to-use Scattering Tubes. They are suitable for earth or water scattering and are available in eleven beautiful designs and multiple sizes. These affordable Tubes are produced from recycled paper and can be recycled after use.

Place an order today to make sure that you have the product selection and knowledge you need to comply with the law.

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