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Passages International Has Biodegradable Urns for Water Burial

Did you know that the majority of urns purchased today are used for water burial? This trend is spreading quickly to all areas of the United States. It’s better to be educated, if not prepared to serve these families than to respond by saying you will find something for them.

The Passages’ collection of biodegradable water burial urns is making its way into funeral homes and cemeteries across the country. These urns are designed specifically to allow the family some time for a final farewell by floating briefly before gracefully sinking. The length of time each urn takes to sink depends on the product selected, the weight of the cremated remains and the water conditions. Each urn comes with a water soluble bag in which the cremated remains must be placed.

“To be on the cutting-edge of funeral service today, you should be carrying at least a small urn selection that is conducive to eco-friendly water burial,” says Darren Crouch, president of Passages International. “We are here to help you with the process of selecting those urns as well as best-practice ways of marketing them. Our experience is that funeral arrangers enjoy having these options to present.”

Passages offers several lines of environmentally-friendly water burial urns which come in varying colors, designs and sizes and all are carefully created from sustainable materials such as:

  • Himalayan rock salt
  • Non-toxic, food-grade recycled paper
  • Sand & Gelatin
  • Sustainably produced biodegradable paper

Some urn names that may be familiar to you are Journey, Memento, Oceane Sand or The Shell. Let us help you round out your urn selection with some beautiful and colorful water burial urns to better serve your families and increase your revenue. This could very well lead to an urn sale that otherwise would not have occurred.