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FedEx is Our New Shipping Provider

We have exciting news!

Beginning today Monday, July 13th, we have partnered with FedEx for all of our small package shipments.

We have been working with FedEx over the past few months to negotiate the best possible rates that should save you over UPS (our previous carrier) to most U.S. destinations. In addition, we have found that transit times with FedEx are often at least a day quicker. This new partnership will allow us to pass real savings onto you and give you additional peace of mind that your order is in good hands.

FedEx shares our passion for environmental responsibility and, just like Passages, is taking steps to minimize its carbon footprint. Through its EarthSmart program, FedEx is saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel and eliminating thousands of tons of carbon emissions per month. They are even using pedal, solar and other alternative power vehicles in certain markets. To learn more, click here.

If UPS shipping was important to you, we can continue to provide you with UPS shipping services (or any other) on a case by case basis. However, since we will no longer have daily UPS pick up, the cut-off time for orders needing to ship via UPS the same day, is now 2pm MST (not 3pm). In addition, anything that we ship for you via UPS will now ship on your UPS account and will be subject to a UPS imposed pick up fee. This UPS pick up fee will appear on your UPS bill.

We believe that this change will allow us to get our quality products to you, at the best price and in the quickest time possible.