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EPA Regulations Require Biodegradable Containers for all Burials at Sea

Journey Earthurn

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (August 2016) – EPA regulations ban “placement of materials which are not readily decomposable in the marine environment, such as plastic or metal flowers and wreaths, urns, tombs, tombstones, gravestones, monuments, mausoleums, artificial reefs, etc.” into the water for all burials at sea. (source:

Passages can help you and your families meet these requirements. As is true of our other products, all of our water burial urns are biodegradable and are designed to float briefly and then sink. Be ready to serve your families by stocking up on our water urns. We suggest carrying a variety of urns to appeal to a variety of families. From the classic Journey Earthurn to the elegant Himalayan Rock Salt Urns to the more distinctive Serenity Collection, we have something for everyone. Call (888) 480-6400 and place your order today!

Since 1999, Passages International, Inc. has led the funeral industry with the largest selection of innovative and environmentally-friendly urns, caskets and memorial products. For more information on Passages’ biodegradable product lines and their education program, visit

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