The natural choice for green funeral products Launched to Expand Consumer Awareness

MAR. 20, 2010 | ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Passages International, Inc., a recognized leader in the design and development of environmentally-friendly caskets and urns, introduces a program to help funeral homes and communities benefit from the emerging trend of “green funerals.”  Named “A Greener Funeral” (AGF), the core of this program can be found at, a public service web site sponsored by Passages.

The web site was created to expand consumer awareness about green funerals, burials and cremations. By taking the position that green is in the eye of the beholder, it demonstrates that there are options available for someone wanting to choose a slightly green funeral or someone wanting a complete green funeral, or for those who fall somewhere in between.  The site appeals to the outdoor enthusiast and nature-lover as much as to the dedicated environmentalist. The typical green consumer will not be satisfied with traditional options and products—they are naturally seeking alternatives to traditional products and services.

Using video, editorial and articles, offers consumers a broad and unbiased perspective on a wide range of greener funeral options.  While many green burial sites focus on natural cemeteries, goes further to feature information on “bio-cremation” and greener funeral products to show that there are options available to whatever extent someone wishes to implement green into their choices for final disposition.

“Our goal is to make the top resource for consumers interested in greener funerals,” says Darren Crouch, president of Passages International, Inc. “While ‘green’ is a growing trend with families all over, the funeral home that is proactive in offering greener funerals and products will attract a broader range of consumers while reinforcing its commitment to personalized service and innovation.”

The site provides an easy link between consumers interested in greener funerals and funeral professionals that are prepared to serve them. For the benefit of these funeral homes and cemeteries, the AGF site uses the latest search engine optimization tools resulting in high rankings on Google, Yahoo, AOL and Bing.  Passages’ ongoing public relations efforts are continually bringing new consumers to the site which increases awareness for its Partner Providers.

Funeral homes wishing to serve this audience may join the AGF Provider program. “You don’t have to stop offering traditional products and services, but it is time to offer greener alternatives to those that want them.” says Crouch. “Becoming an AGF Provider simply signifies that you are willing and ready to help families with green funeral alternatives by carrying Passages International products, which are the finest and most earth-friendly available.” Participants will receive the AGF Greenleaf emblem to display on site, in advertising and at relevant community events. This emblem indicates that the Provider is ready to serve green families and is intended to complement other green funeral certifications and organizational programs.

To learn more about participating as an AGF Provider, contact Darren Crouch at (888) 480-6400 or

Passages International, Inc., specializes in the design and manufacture of eco-friendly urns and caskets for the human and pet funeral industries. The extensive product line provides the ever-increasing number of eco-conscious families with environmentally-friendly, affordable and attractive merchandise choices. Passages supplies the most comprehensive selection of unique and functional urns for scattering, biodegradable burial in earth or water, and the temporary containment of cremated remains.