Memorial Tree Program

Gift tree tubesWe’ve partnered with a nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees and are offering a free starter tree for your family with the sale of any of our adult eco-friendly caskets. We’re also offering the Memorial Tree certificates for sale so you can make them available to every family, if you wish. We hope this program makes a positive impact in the relationships between you and your families as well as adds a few more trees to the landscape.

All casket orders will ship with a Memorial Tree Program certificate inside the casket. Please give this to your family as a thank-you for purchasing one of our products. It is then up to the family to order their tree using the order form on our website and it will ship directly to their door in within 120 days. The trees are guaranteed for up to one year and will be replaced at no charge if they don’t grow. Simply present your family with the certificate and we’ll handle the rest.

*Only available in the continental United States and Alaska.

Click Here to Redeem a Memorial Tree Certificate