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Mini Card and Bookmark with Wildflower Mini Heart
Bookmarks with Mini Cross, Forget Me Not; Mini Ribbon, Wildflower; and Mini Butterfly, Forget Me Not Ornaments Mini Cards with Mini Butterfly, Forget Me Not; and Mini Ribbon, Wildflower Ornaments Mini Cross, Forget Me Not; Mini Angel, Wildflower Mini Butterfly, Forget Me Not; Mini Dolphin, Forget Me Not Mini Heart, Wildflower; Mini Pink Ribbon, Wildflower Mini Tree, Austrian Pine; Mini Daisy, Wildflower

Mini Cards and Bookmarks

Wholesale Orders 1-888-480-6400

Mini Cards

4'L x 3"W

Min. Order - 100

Set-up fee - $35 (one time for new artwork)


8.5"L x 2.25"W

Min. Order - 100

Set-up fee - $35 (one time for new artwork)

Mini Blooming Ornaments:

sizes vary by design

Approx. 2" x 2" x 1/8" thick

Allow 7-10 business days for creation of personalized artwork. Expedited turnaround is available.

The unique Mini Cards and Bookmarks can be used in several creative ways. The Mini Blooming Remembrance Ornaments can be attached to Bookmarks and Mini Cards to be handed out to family, friends and memorial service attendees. They can also be used by funeral homes, cemeteries and crematories as marketing tools when the business logo, website and phone number are customized on each card. These can then be made available to families in the lobby of the business, used during holiday memorial events or given to families with the paid invoice or thank you note.

Click here to view our five standard verses. Passages can also use another verse of your choice, if it fits in the space available.

Please call to discuss personalized options, and be aware that there maybe up to a 10% overage or underage on all bookmark and mini card orders.

The paper for the Mini Cards and Bookmarks is produced from “Mixed Sources” and is “Green Seal Certified”.

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