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Journey Earthurn
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Family Testimonials

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At Passages, it’s truly important to us that our products provide comfort and memorable experiences for families dealing with the hardest part of life. We frequently receive feedback from funeral professionals telling us how our products really helped a family or made a service special. It’s all part of our mission – to offer more choices, to help families during their difficult time, and remain respectful of our planet & the environment.

We just love your Memento urn. Many of our families have used it and done some meaningful, creative services with it. We encourage them to draw on it and most of them do, both kids and adults. They seem to make good use of the note cards that come with it too. This urn has opened up doors for us and for our families. We’ve seen community participation, congregation participation and witnessed some incredible moments. The Memento has allowed us to serve our families in very new ways. Thank you for providing us with such unique and useful product.

Tom Gale; Gerald Sellers
Currie Funeral Home