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Customer Spotlight: Moles Farewell Tributes & Greenacres Memorial Park

Moles Farewell Tributes & Greenacres Memorial Park



Address: 5700 Northwest Dr. Ferndale, WA 98248
Phone: (360) 384-3401


  1. PI: How long has your firm been a Passages customer? 
    Moles: Since 2006.
  2. PI: What led your firm to offer eco-friendly choices to families?
    Moles: We developed The Meadow Natural Burial Ground at Greenacres Memorial Park along with our other eco-friendly choices because it matched the values we hold as individuals, as a company, and as a community. It was simply the right thing to do.
  3. PI: How have families responded to these alternatives?
    Moles: The responses to having green burial and eco-friendly product choices have been very enthusiastic in our community, even exceeding our initial expectations.
  4. PI: What is the most popular Passages product that you offer?
    Moles: Scattering Tubes and the Willow casket have been the most popular Passages products we carry.
  5. PI: What is your favorite Passages product and why?
    Moles: Scattering Tubes. I have used a Scattering Tube for one of my own family members and it helped facilitate a beautiful and meaningful placement of their remains with grace and ease.
  6. PI: Do you have any feedback from families or your staff in regards to Passages products?
    Moles: People are quite struck by the Willow casket. With its simple and direct grace, it surprises people in a lovely way as it plays with their expectations of what a casket is.