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Customer Spotlight: FRENCH Funerals – Cremations

Address: 7121 Wyoming Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109
Phone: (505) 823-9400


FRENCH Funerals - Cremations

  1. PI: How long has your firm been a Passages customer? 
    FRENCH Funerals – Cremations: Since 1999.
  2. PI: What led your firm to offer eco-friendly choices to families?
    FRENCH Funerals – Cremations: Our goal is to help families honor their loved ones in a unique way that is meaningful to them. We believe that every life is unique and worthy of honor and respect. Offering Passages products has allowed many of our families to do that.
  3. PI: How have families responded to these alternatives?
    FRENCH Funerals – Cremations: Very positively. Families that choose Passages products do so for a variety of reasons (green option, alternative look, allowing for different types of scattering). For example, we have families that have buried Passages urns in an urn vault or placed them in a niche just because they liked the appearance and thought it was reflective of their loved one.
  4. PI: What is the most popular Passages product that you offer?
    FRENCH Funerals – Cremations: The Bamboo Urn has been very popular since we introduced it; it is a beautiful product and people appreciate the value pricing as well. The “simple” word we all hear as funeral directors is often times well directed at that urn with meaningful suggestions. Families feel like they are being listened to, which helps build value.
  5. PI: What is your favorite Passages product and why?
    FRENCH Funerals – Cremations: The Oceane Sand is my favorite, as it allows for permanent placement, quiet scattering or water burials. As far as the form, it is a nice blend of traditional and contemporary motifs. It has been very popular here at FRENCH as well.
  6. PI: Do you have any feedback from families or your staff in regards to Passages products?
    FRENCH Funerals – Cremations: Again, having a dynamic offering to counter misconceptions that funerals and cremations are dated is important. Here at FRENCH, a majority of the families we serve choose for their loved ones to be cared for by cremation. Initially, some families that indicate that “They do not need an urn” are impressed with our alternative offerings and end up being very pleased. This lends credibility to funeral directors and funeral homes to meet those changing needs. We strive to be a leader in funeral service and in helping families to create new traditions.