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Customer Spotlight: Beck’s Tribute Center

Address: 405 5th Avenue South, Edmonds, WA 98020
Phone: (425) 771-1234

Beck's Tribute Center


  1. PI: How long has your firm been a Passages customer? 
    Beck’s: 15 years.
  2. PI: What led your firm to offer eco-friendly choices to families?
    Beck’s: Originally we offered only the Journey Earthurn® several years ago, but a large segment of our cremation clients choose scattering as the final disposition of their cremated remains. The Pacific Northwest is a very outdoor-minded, ecologically conscientious and environmentally sensitive area. We are also just six blocks from the Puget Sound and a major marina. We now show 21 Passages eco-friendly urns to meet the expectations of our families.
  3. PI: How have families responded to these alternatives?
    Beck’s: Our families are extremely positive about the offerings. Frequently, even if they are selecting an urn for cemetery placement or to keep at home, the eco-friendly urns will be an area of conversation in our resource room.
  4. PI: What is the most popular Passages product that you offer?
    Beck’s: It is very difficult to narrow down our most popular product, but if I HAD to choose one it would be the Scattering Tubes. They are practical for both land and water scattering and can be used to spread in more than one location. Cornstarch urns are probably second and the Bamboo has been popular since we started offering it last year.
  5. PI: What is your favorite Passages product and why?
    Beck’s: My personal favorite is the Turtle. It’s unique and people like to ask about it. We sell a few per year even though sea turtles aren’t in the North Pacific.
  6. PI: Do you have any feedback from families or your staff in regards to Passages products?
    Beck’s: Continue to stay innovative in addressing the needs of this client base.