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Customer Spotlight: A Sacred Moment

Address: 1910 120th Pl SE, STE 102 Everett, WA 98208
Phone: (425) 316-8290


A Sacred Moment


  1. PI: How long has your firm been a Passages customer? 
    A Sacred Moment: Since 2010.
  2. PI: What led your firm to offer eco-friendly choices to families?
    A Sacred Moment: Being eco-friendly was not a business decision, it’s part of the ethos of who we are. A Sacred Moment is delivering “funeral choices for a changing world” and that naturally (pun intended) means reducing not only our carbon footprint as a funeral home, but providing those options to families we serve as well.
  3. PI: How have families responded to these alternatives?
    A Sacred Moment: Very favorably! They often seek us out because of our green burial and eco-friendly, family-friendly mindset. They also appreciate that we plant a tree in honor of each person we serve and purchase green energy to offset carbon generated by our cremations and operations.
  4. PI: What is the most popular Passages product that you offer?
    A Sacred Moment: Our most popular Passages product is the Journey Earthurn, which is often used for water burials of cremated remains from our Washington State Ferries.
  5. PI: What is your favorite Passages product and why?
    A Sacred Moment: The Willow Carrier and Casket. They are not only beautiful, but the Carrier is particularly useful in a shrouded home funeral or green burial service.
  6. PI: Do you have any feedback from families or your staff in regards to Passages products?
    A Sacred Moment: Our staff and families really appreciate having the wide selection of Passages products available for so many varied needs that support an eco-friendly approach to death care.