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Customer Spotlight: Adair Funeral Home

Funeral Home Name: Adair Funeral Home
Address: 1050 N. Dodge Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85716
Phone: (520) 326-4343


Adair Funeral Home


  1. PI: How long has your firm been a Passages customer? 
    Adair: Since 2008. 
  2. PI: How have families responded to these alternatives? 
    Adair: In our immediate area, there are no green options available, so for now there are no options to include in this type of final disposition.  However, when we added Passages Scattering Tubes to our Merchandizing Room, many families chose them.  A friend of mine, Gina Murphy Darling who has her own radio talk show “Mrs. Green’s World” for social media environmental education has just written a book about the abuse of Mother Nature entitled “Your Mother Called”.
  3. PI: What is the most popular Passages product that you offer? 
    Adair: Passages Scattering Tubes have been very well accepted by our families as well as the biodegradable urn products.  Remember, “The customer runs the show” and for whatever reason, choice can change overnight.  We have been using Passages Scattering Tubes since 2008.
  4. PI: What is your favorite Passages product and why?  
    Adair: Scattering Tubes and the Blooming Remembrance cards with the Rainbow Bridge verse used in connection with the families we serve with our Pet Crematory.