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Blooming Remembrance Ornaments Clearance
Moon, Forget Me Not Mini Cactus, Wildflower Mini Boot, Wildflower Mini Fish, Forget Me Not Mini Star, Forget Me Not Mini Red Ribbon, Wildflower

Clearance Blooming Remembrance Ornaments

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Passages creates two sizes of the Blooming Ornaments; Mini Blooming Ornaments, which can be ordered affixed to Mini Cards or Bookmarks, and larger Blooming Ornaments.

The Mini Blooming Ornaments are available in bags of 100 and the Blooming Ornaments come individually packaged in a cello bag complete with raffia tie and planting instructions. Passages can include your company logo on the card with planting instructions. Click here to see a sample of the instruction card.

Each ornament is crafted by hand in batch runs, so shapes and colors can vary.

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