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Shell Urns
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Shell Urns

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16"L x 16"W x 6.25"H
400 Cubic Inches

2.75"L x 3"W
5 Cubic Inches

Shell Urns are hand-crafted from non-toxic, food-grade recycled paper. Each urn comes with a custom carrying case. Matching keepsakes are also available and provide families with the opportunity to retain a portion of their loved ones’ cremated remains. They are a perfect complement to any biodegradable or scattering urn.

To view a brief video demonstration of the Shell Urn being used, click here.

With the purchase of the Memento Urn or Shell Urn, Passages International makes a donation in memory of your loved one. This donation will be made to an ocean conservation organization and will contribute to the preservation of our oceans for future generations.

Original Artwork by Todd Telander. Telander is an international scientific illustrator and artist who has produced work for numerous zoos and aquariums, wildlife and ocean conservation groups, and is a selected artist of the American Birding Association. His background in environmental studies and biology, coupled with his talent as an illustrator, result in shells that are both scientifically accurate and beautiful.

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Our Memento Urns are made by hand and will vary in appearance. Some are painted in small batches, sometimes with hand-mixed paint colors. This urns meets federal regulations requiring all containers used for burials at sea be 100% biodegradable. Federal regulations also require that burial occurs no closer than 3 nautical miles from shore.

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