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Memory Chest with Floral Bouquet Insert
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Mahogany Chest and Earthurn Inserts

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Mahogany Chest Outside:
8"L x 10.75"W x 6.25"W

Mahogany Chest Inside:
6.5"L x 9.25"W x 5"H

6"L x 8.5"W x 4.5"H
210 Cubic Inches

The environmentally-friendly and biodegradable Earthurn Inserts are designed to fit into our Mahogany Chest or most other chest urns (chest and inserts can be purchased separately or as a set). If you are not purchasing the set, please make note of the dimensions of your Chest Urn for proper fit of the Earthurn Insert or vice versa. Each Insert is suitable for biodegradable burial, opens easily for scattering, or can be kept as a beautiful interior container for the chest.

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Engraving is available on the Pink Floral Bouquet Insert and Mahogany Chest.

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