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A Greener Funeral Program and Website is a public service website sponsored by Passages International to expand consumer awareness and provide education about greener funerals, burials, and cremations. It includes a searchable database listing of funeral homes that are prepared to serve families who demand natural or environmentally sustainable choices, as well as an interactive map of greener cemeteries across North America.

Become a listed Provider on by joining the A Greener Funeral (AGF) program. We offer three levels of membership based upon the needs of your firm, and our staff can work closely with you to create a custom product package that will meet your specific requirements. Complete details are available on our secure wholesale pricing page, please call us toll-free at 888-480-6400 for password access.

Joining the AGF program gives your business a number of benefits. In addition to a free listing on and media announcements, you will receive:

    • Lowest published pricing on all items for your initial order.
    • Free ground shipping on all urn orders over $250 shipped to the same address.*
    • Signage and posters for your selection room.
    • Custom graphics for your website promoting your green services and Passages products.
    • Free press release template.
    • And much more!

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Why should my firm join?

Being listed on does not imply that all of your business is green. But it does indicate that you are able to serve families who desire greener options. Being included as part of the AGF program will help families who are interested in more natural end-of-life ritual options easily locate you and your services.

Your inclusion in the AGF program will give you a direct link to families who might desire a biodegradable woven casket or a unique biodegradable urn. They may want an entirely green funeral or just want to incorporate an “element of green” to reflect their love of nature through some part of the ritual. Being in the AGF Provider Program allows you to add another segment to your customer base by expanding your geographic market area and clientele. It also allows your business to more effectively and profitably serve those families that may not be fully satisfied with the options you currently have available. is your pathway to new marketing opportunities, greater media exposure, and enhanced sales.

AGF is intended to complement other green funeral certifications and associations.

Contact us to find out more about how AGF can help you gain access to more families by increasing your product offerings and services.

*Restrictions may apply.